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MCO is concerned with the development, enhancement, and preservation of our environment and natural land resources. Landscape Architecture is the profession that applies artistic and scientific principles to research, planning, design, and management of both the natural and built environments. Landscape Architecture

MCO applies creative and technical skills and scientific, cultural and political knowledge in the planned arrangement of natural and constructed elements on the land with a concern for the stewardship and conservation of the natural environment, constructed and human resources. Project results serve useful, safe, aesthetic and functional purposes for the clients. MCO’s staff holds a special commitment to improving our community and quality of life through providing the best of design for development and environmental protection.

MCO's staff is involved in the design and planning of residential and commercial subdivisions, industrial and commercial developments, urban plazas and street-scapes, recreational facilities and waterfront areas, the restoration of devastated land areas, the preservation and renovation of historic sites. The function of landscape architecture is to investigate, select and allocate land and water resources for appropriate uses; formulate graphic and written criteria for planning and land construction programs; prepare, review and analyze existing and proposed land use developments for environmental assessment and impact. MCO collaborates with individual developers, industrial and commercial directors, government agency representatives, civic groups and other professionals to prepare plans and implement projects that respect and balance the needs of the environment with the needs for economical expansion and growth.


Site Planning:
MCO focuses on the physical design and arrangement of built and natural elements on a land parcel and involves the knowledge and understanding of technical matters (utility infrastructure, zoning and building codes and ADAAS, circulation patterns, integration of man-made objects with the site's natural features: topography, vegetarian, drainage, etc.) to produce site developments that minimize both environmental impact and project cost, and adds value to the site.

Environmental and Reclamation Planning:
MCO provides plans for the creative enhancement and improvement of the environment. MCO is experienced in wetland protection and mitigation, the transformation of landfills, mining sites, polluted wastelands, etc. into protected reserves. Scenic beauty is also an important function and consideration in reclamation planning.


Industrial and Municipal Environmental Compliance:
MCO’s staff provides assistance to industrial clients in the economical prevention and reduction of potential pollutant discharges to the land, water, and air with plant facility construction, and employee training (EPA, ADPC&E, OSHA).

Land Development Planning:
MCO is concerned with both large-scale, multi-acre parcels of undeveloped land and smaller scale sites in urban and rural areas; it bridges between policy planning and individual development projects and involves knowledge of real estate economics and development regulation processes.

Ecological Planning and Design:
MCO is concerned with interpretation, analysis, and formulation of design policies, guidelines and plans to ensure the quality of the environment, including but not limited to, analytical evaluations of the land and focusing on the suitability of a site for development.

Urban and Town Planning:
MCO’s staff is aware and deals with zoning techniques and regulations, master plans, concept plans, land-use studies, and other methods to set the layout and organization of growth areas; including the design and development mostly of open public spaces such as plazas, street-scapes, parks, and public use right-of-ways.

Regional Planning:
MCO’s staff actively participates in the design and management of land and water resources. This includes natural and water-wetland surveys, visual and analytical analysis, reclamation and protective zone management, by preparing environmental impact studies and assessments.

Historic Preservation:
MCO’s staff provides research, preservation, maintenance, and conservation plans, renovation and expansion designs of parks, gardens, grounds, waterfronts, wetlands, and site structures, buildings, etc.

Park and Recreation Planning:
MCO’s staff designs for the creation or redesigning of parks and recreational areas in cities, suburban areas and rural areas, natural areas and refuge systems.

MCO’s staff is trained and competent to:

· Evaluate opportunities and constraints of sites

· Understand a sites relationship to surrounding environments

· Intellectually understand social and humanistic approaches to design and planning

· Completely analyze, synthesize, and communicate on design issues with clients and the public

· Provide technical assistance in environmental regulations, compliance, and issues involving land, water, and air

· Manage projects generally and technically


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