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At Milholland Company (MCO), civil engineering and design development is the precise and systematic processing of information. Each phase of the design process is reviewed with staff and client participation. Communication and coordination are crucial in producing results which are complete, accurate, in compliance with current regulatory legislation, and to the satisfaction of the client.
Civil Engineering at work

MCO’s basic “approach and philosophy” is the composite simulation of interpretive information which then formulated through creative planning processes and carefully directed by skillful professionals, which produces durable results. The objective is to produce exceptional solutions. It is MCO’s practice to produce results that exhibit cost effective physical elements that meet the mixed needs of the client and are acceptable to regulatory agencies having authority. MCO’s orientation is that of achieving excellence.

Quality Project Control is the function of a written project program that outlines work to be accomplished along with cost guidelines, time frames including details for conferences and analysis. MCO generally follows the work format and procedures developed in accordance with the National Society of Professional Engineer’s Guidelines for Development of Architect/ Engineer Quality Control and Project Management Checklist Manual; and practices the principles of “Redi-check - Interdisciplinary Coordination” in the review of plans and specifications.

The performance of professional services are coordinated through the Project Manager, who works directly with the client. The Project Manager, with direct assistance from the client, will be responsible for focusing and defining the precise set of services required. It is MCO’s intent for the client to participate in the design decision making process.

Throughout the production effort, from the cooperative effort of professionals and associates, MCO strives to provide results that are the best operational solutions possible. Through discussion and refinement, the necessary elements of each determined work task is approached so that assignments are ideally focused and talents are effectively utilized. Each participant in the design process bring their own edge of uniqueness, training and knowledge in accomplishing the satisfactory completion of all required project task. Staff members have a proven prominence as respected consultants with honest integrity upon which client(s) rely. These are professionals that know and are well familiar with the region, that are experienced and actively involved as within their professions, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, and environmental scientist. These professionals have always maintained a commitment to timeliness, including prompt returning of calls, fully completing all contractual obligations, adhering to established schedules and providing continued assistance even after project closeout.

The client’s overall best interests are of primary concern to MCO.

All Civil Engineering projects are supervised by Melvin L. Milholland, P.E., R.L.S. (Project Director and Senior Design Engineer). Mr. Milholland actively involves himself in the design decision making process and technical management of every project. This personal attention insures outstanding project results and sound solutions.

The following is a partial list of Civil Engineering services offered:

  • Subdivision Design and Development
  • Streets and Railroad Spur Planning and Design
  • Flood Control and Drainage Evaluation and Storm Sewer Design
  • Wastewater Treatment and Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
  • Water Treatment, Storage and Distribution Systems
  • Cost Estimating
  • Specification Writing
  • Construction Contracting, and Project Administration
  • Construction Inspection and Compliance
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Erosion Control, Sedimentation and Stabilization
  • Site Specific Development Design
  • Site and Land Boundary Surveying

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