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Environmental and Reclamation Planning: MCO provides plans for the creative enhancement and improvement of the environment. MCO is experienced in wetland protection and mitigation, the transformation of landfills, mining sites, polluted wastelands, etc. into protected reserves. Scenic beauty is also an important function and consideration in reclamation planning.


environmental reclamation

Industrial and Municipal Environmental Compliance: MCO’s staff provides assistance to industrial clients in the economical prevention and reduction of potential pollutant discharges to the land, water, and air with plant facility construction, and employee training (EPA, ADPC&E, OSHA).

Environmental Services
• Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
• Wetlands Delineation and Evaluations
• Regulatory Impact Analysis (Air, Water, Wetlands)
• NPDES and Storm water Permitting
• Construction Management Construction Inspection
• Economic Feasibility Analyses
• Air Permitting
• Industrial Landfill Design & Remediation
• Expert Testimony and Technical Reporting
• Environmental Site Assessments (Transactional Screens, Phases I, II, & III)
• Restoration and Reclamation Enhancements
• Landscape Architecture
• Land Surveying, Engineering and Design Services

• Water System Hydrology
• Site Characterization
• Environmental Assessments and Investigations
• Surface and Storm Water Sampling and Analysis
• Regulatory Reporting and Compliance Services
• Evaluation of FEMA maps and the modeling of watersheds using hydro logic and HEC computer technology

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