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205 West Center Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701, Phone: 479-443-4724,Fax: 479-443-4707 e-mail us

Milholland Company, MCO, provides comprehensive Civil Engineering for commerical developments and residential subdivisions, that include boundary and site surveys (alta, cadastral and topographic), environmental investigations (wetland and habit delineations, site assessments and statements), tree preservation and site analysis (tree identification and canopy calculation, conservation and mitigation determination) for proper arrangement of structure and the design of site elements, consisting of water and sanitary sewer systems (domestice water lines, tanks, booster pumps and chlorination stations for extensions and improvements, and waste water treatment systems), storm drainage detention facilities; parking, streets and bridges.
LSD Commercial Development - CMN Business Park I & II

Milholland Company’s office is located in downtown Fayetteville Arkansas just one block from the city's administration building, making it convenient and serviceable to the City.

Milholland Office
The firm consists of approximately 15 employees including Design Engineers, Landscape Architects, Environmental Specialists, CAD Technicians, Construction Inspectors, Surveyors, and various technical staff support personnel. Its professional staff has over 85 years of collective experience.


  • Civil Planning
  • Analysis and Design of urban and rural water distribution
  • Sanitary sewer collection and treatment systems
  • Storm drainage systems
  • Environmental assessments
  • Compliance and permitting
  • Large scale commercial development projects
  • Surveys for Capital Improvement Projects for Municipalities and Counties

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Statement of Qualifications

MCO (Milholland Company) has comprehensively preformed Environmental Assessments and Impacts, prepared Tree Preservation Plans, Grading and Erosion Control Plans, Drainage Studies and Reports for review and approval by agencies having jurisdictional authority. Not only is MCO familiar with local City Ordinances, Codes, and Standards, but also has over thirty (33) years of experience working with State and Federal Agencies in Code compliance and permitting.

MCO’s expertise in Water line design and construction administration include transmission mains and storage facilities, pump station and hydraulic analysis and modeling. Mr. Milholland, a Professional Engineer since 1972, has been instrumental in the planning and expansion of water services throughout Washington County.

In Sanitary Sewer Systems, MCO’s experience includes gravity mains, force mains, lift stations, primary and secondary treatment facilities, outfall mains and water shed studies. MCO has provided feasibility studies including preliminary design for funding and approval by governmental agencies, including FEMA, Corps of Engineers, EPA, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Arkansas Health Department, Rural Development (formally the Farmers Home Administration), Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission and ADED (AIDC), Community Development (CD), and others.

MCO provides professional environmental services to major industries, construction contractors and developers, and municipal governments. MCO specializes in reclamation and remedial action activities, erosion and sedimentation control structures, wetland delineations, determinations and wetland creations using aquatic plant growth and conditioning for waste water treatment, environmental assessments and chemical audits, and regulatory compliance and permitting in the areas of waste and storm water discharges and air pollutant emissions. Mr. Thomas Jefcoat - a Registered Landscape Architect since 1975 and a Registered Environmental Manager since 1995- leads all work in this department.

MCO has been instrumental in providing functional drainage designs, studies, and reports for vital improvements within flood ways and flood plains. Site specific drainage improvement projects have included large commercial and residential subdivisions and planning areas as large as 16 square miles. Expert technical assistance is supported by Tom Hecox, a Registered Professional Civil Engineer since 1978 in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

MCO’s experience in Construction Surveying, Construction Inspection and Observation for various clients have included providing field routing for utilities, cross sections, drainage data, mitigation construction of wetlands, deed restricted areas, easement locations and other governmental regulation areas. Observation and staking projects have included all types of land development utility systems, street and storm sewer improvements throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

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